Hi, I’m Andy Parkins, the Service Manager at Kipp Scott GMC Buick.

A common question I’m asked is “do I need to take my car back to the dealership I purchased it from for service?” The answer is no you don’t, but why wouldn’t you want to take it back to the people who know your vehicle inside and out?

I understand that when people think of the word “dealership” for service they think:

  • It’s going to be overpriced
  • They don’t do work on other brands of vehicles
  • They don’t sell tires

These things simply aren’t true. There is a huge value in taking your vehicle back to the dealership!

Did you know our dealership requires all employees to do yearly training? To illustrate, ask yourself – when you’re sick, do you want the best doctor available, the one who goes for training on a regular basis, or do you look for a back-yard doctor who “kind of” knows what to do? The answer is easy, we all pick the best doctor because we want the highest quality of care and knowledge. You can look at your vehicle the same way; with dealerships being the best doctors and generic shops being the back-yard doctors. Why wouldn’t you want the most trained and qualified people working on your vehicle?

At the dealership, we are required to have the proper equipment for testing and repairing vehicles and we have access to check for recalls and up-to-date information to help aid in diagnosis and repair. All the proper tools and training provided at a dealership can save you, as a customer, both time and money by taking it to the experts.

We strive to give the best service each time, but we are human and mistakes happen. We do everything in our power to make it right when things don’t go according to plan. If you love the service you get at a dealership, we do work on all makes and models and would love to be your vehicle’s one stop shop!

Now, when you think of tires I’m assuming you think of Fountain Tire, Canadian Tire, etc. Did you know dealerships sell tires and have great relationships with the tire manufacturers too? We have a 30-day tire Price Match Guarantee, so why wouldn’t you want the best deal on tires? Along with tires, we also carry and install everything from rims and lift kits to performance parts and cosmetic upgrades.

Hopefully after reading this article, you will see the added value in bringing your vehicle back to the dealership. If you have any questions, or would like to give us a try, please contact me at I would love the opportunity to gain your business.