Automakers are always trying to come up with different ways of making sure their vehicles stand out on the market. Usually, this involves developing state-of-the-art technologies that can really make a difference in helping owners stay safe, or connected. With GM’s OnStar system, you get both for a very affordable price.

What is OnStar?

OnStar is a subscription-based service offered on most new GMC and Buick vehicles that provides owners with a host of features and services. When you buy your new GM vehicle, OnStar gives you a free 3-month or 6-month trial period to test the services that it offers. Needless to say, very few consumers decide that the service is not for them. With OnStar, you get two types of services: services designed to make sure you and your family are safe on the road, and services designed to help you and make your life easier. Let’s look at the safety features first.

OnStar provides a service called Automatic Crash Response which can detect if you have been in an accident, for example, and send help if you are not in a position to do so. Moreover, OnStar is also there to help if your vehicle gets stolen with Stolen Vehicle Assistance.

This system can slow down your vehicle after it has been stolen, and even prevent the engine from starting remotely. That’s pretty impressive, and it certainly helps your chances of getting your vehicle back safely and quickly.

OnStar offers onboard wireless internet access

The safety-focused features are certainly impressive, but OnStar is also designed to make your life easier. By pressing the blue OnStar button, you are connected to an advisor that can help you find your way if you are lost, send directions to your vehicle’s navigation system, or even book a hotel room for you.

Moreover, OnStar features 4G LTE with Wi-Fi Hotspot which means that you are always connected to the web, regardless of whether your mobile device has service. Better yet, you can give your data plan a break when you are in your GM vehicle, and you do not have to worry about extra fees when you travel to the United States.