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When it comes to vehicle inspections, Kipp Scott GMC Buick's Service Department has you covered. Whether you're in need of a quick air conditioning inspection or need something inside the engine inspected, we are the repair shop for you.

The guts of your vehicle are immense! Hundreds of different mechanisms working individually, and then combined with hundreds of other mechanisms to make your vehicle run regularly. The more intricate the system, the more inspections needed, and it's safe to say that in 2023, most vehicles on the road are running amazingly intricate systems. With that said, to keep your vehicle in good shape, it's important that you're consistent with systems inspections, replacements, and repairs.

At Kipp Scott GMC Buick in Red Deer, we offer the best inspections available. Our technicians are professionally trained to inspect every part of your vehicle. If you're experiencing a problem with your vehicle, or want to prevent any future problems, bring in your vehicle and we'll inspect it.

After we finish checking your vehicle, we come to the important part: the part where we'll always be honest with what we've found during your vehicle's inspection, and if we've found anything that needs to be fixed or replaced, we’ll present that as an option only! We will not, under any circumstances, create or upsell unnecessary services after an inspection. We consider your satisfaction a #1 priority; we want you to leave happy and we're not in the business of selling you things you don't need.

So, fear not! If you hear a funny noise, or something isn't working quite right, bring it on over to your friends at Kipp Scott GMC Buick, and we'll inspect the heck out of it!

We do a thorough multi-point vehicle inspection.


The Semi-Annual Inspection is at the heart of the Recommended Maintenance schedule for your vehicle. It is a thorough and comprehensive inspection that includes:

  • Serviceable fluid inspection and top-up
  • 4-wheel tire rotation and inspection (including tire pressure monitor reprogramming, tire and wheel condition, tread depth, proper inflation, and spare tire check)
  • Restraint system check (including reminder lights, safety belts, and airbag covers)
  • Transmission and transaxle check (automatic and manual)
  • Fuel system inspection
  • Engine cooling system inspection
  • Braking system inspection (including lines and hoses, rotors and drums, calipers, parking brake condition, and remaining pad life)
  • Steering and suspension check (including front and rear suspension, steering system, power steering lines and hoses, and cleaning/inspection of drive axle boot/drive seals)
  • Exhaust system inspection
  • Weather-strip lubrication (application of dielectric silicone grease on all exterior weather-stripping)


You may wonder “What is a safety inspection, why do I need one, and how can I get one in Red Deer”?

Let us explain. A Mechanical safety inspection determines if the vehicle is mechanically safe to drive, while a Body Integrity Inspection determines if the vehicle is structurally safe to drive.

Some passenger vehicles brought into Alberta from out of province and some total loss vehicles are structurally and mechanically unfit. Before these vehicles can be registered in Alberta, they need to pass an inspection, depending on the condition of the vehicle.

When it comes to these inspections, Kipp Scott GMC Buick's got you covered! Not only is our dealership your one-stop shop for new and pre-owned vehicles, with a service experience that is second to none, we also offer complete Safety Inspections for Insurance, Out of Province, and Commercial customers! We will check your vehicle from top to bottom, inside and out, to ensure that it meets provincial requirements. We will check everything from your interior lights and air bags to your alternator, battery, and everything in between.

Your inspection will include (where applicable):

Driver’s Compartment:
Vehicle Identification Number, Sun Visors, Horn Operation, Mirrors, Windshield Wipers & Washers, Windshield Defroster & Heater, Windshield & Other Glass, Instrument Lamps, Switches, Brake & Clutch Pedals, Interior Lamps, Accelerator Pedal, Seats, Seat Belts and Airbags, Steering Column & Components, Speedometer & Odometer, Engine Shut Down Controls, Neutral Switch & Shift Pattern, Parking Brake, Clutch Disengagement, Indicator Lamps, Airbags, Power Booster Operation, Brake Reserve & Leakage Test, Steering Lash & Travel, Auxiliary Equipment, Floor, and Doors.

Body Exterior:
Daytime Running Lamps, Headlamp Operation & Aim, Parking Lamps, Signal Lamps, Hazard Lamps, Clearance & Side Marker Lamps, Tail And Stop Lamps, Backup Lamps, Taxi Lamp, Reflectors, Auxiliary Lamps, Bumper & Trailer Hitch, Hood & Trunk, Fenders & Mud Flaps, Frame Mounts & Unibody.

Wheels & Tires, Wheel Bearings, Ball Joints & Kingpins, Rack & Pinion Steering Components, Engine & Transmission Mounts, Steering Leakage, MacPherson Struts, Shock Absorbers, Suspension Components, Fuel Lines, Tanks & Straps, Exhaust System, Drive Shaft, Axles, Constant Velocity Joints, Brake Lines & Hoses, Wheel Seal Leaks, Parking Brake Mechanism, Disc Brake Pads, Disc Brake Calipers, Disc Brake Rotors, Drum Brake Lining, Brake Drums, Wheel Cylinders, Brake Mechanical Components & Anti-Lock Brakes.

Engine Components:
Drive Belts, Hood & Safety Catch, Power Steering System, Brake Hydraulic System, Brake Master Cylinder, Fuel System, Battery & Wiring, Alternator, Exhaust Manifolds, Vacuum System & Fluid Levels.

Wheel Alignment:
Four Wheel Alignment & Rear Wheel Alignment.