Wheel alignment issues are one of the most common problems faced by vehicle owners. Left unresolved, they cause premature wear on tires and, if bad enough, wear on steering and suspension components. So how do you know if your vehicle’s alignment is out?

Here are some signs to look for:
  • A “pull” in the steering wheel to the left or right when driving down a straight road can indicate that the vehicle’s alignment is out of spec. The more severe the alignment problems are, the stronger the “pull” in the steering wheel
  • Odd wear patterns showing on the inner or outside tread of the tires. All tires lose tread over time, but uneven wear across the tread pattern could indicate a wheel alignment issue
  • An off-center steering wheel is also a sign that the vehicle’s alignment is out
Wheel alignment going out of specification over time is not uncommon. Poor road conditions, highways full of potholes, frost heaves, and driving on gravel roads can all contribute to the alignment being out of spec., so a vehicle should have an annual wheel alignment done to check for and repair any issues.